At Skyline Companions, we hold our clients in the utmost regard and value them very highly. Hence, we know that when our clients ask to meet up with a VIP from Skyline Companions, she should not only be physically striking, but her personality, background and education should be top of the line so that she is able to carry herself in a confident manner, allowing for a greater connection between two people. If you wish to work with us and attain success, certain things such as a healthy outlook on life, a positive, constructive perspective as well as a healthy lifestyle are all very important. If you are a young sexy energetic lady you have found the right agency. We prefer escorts/models with experience in the industry but if you are a new fresh face model please feel free to apply as well. We require all models to be well groomed, have a neat appearance at all times and to have reliable transportation. Gorgeous, confident, witty and charming ladies to apply. If you have any questions call 312-880-SKYY (312-880-7599)

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